About Us

BagServant is more than a handbag destination for the modern woman who appreciates her love for her bag, lives a busy life and wants to look and feel good.

It is the place to be to discover, love and shop the best bag and things in your bag as well as inspiration and motivation to feel and look good to CREATE A LIFE YOU WANT while you carry your perfect bag!

BagServant is a lifestyle brand (platform) with a curated range of handbags that embody Lenka’s passion for fashion, lifestyle accessories, healthy living, sport, business and travel. With Lenka’s sophisticated yet simple modern style, BagServant as a destination appeals to women “on the go and in the know.” If you want to create and live the life you want, it is the place for you to be inspired and shop for things to live the life.

Lots of the content reflects Lenka’s style and passion for other necessities of living the perfect lifestyle as well as taking into consideration the wider needs of their perfect customer.

With BagServant’s high quality search capability allowing shoppers to browse wider range of bags, accessories and other items, BagServants provides “searchable filters” to find the best bag just for YOU.

BagServant brings the best bags for the modern business woman, from well-known brands to emerging brands and designers, lifestyle accessories, stationary, the best healthy living tips and products and other must-haves that every modern woman should have in her bag.

BagServant focuses as much on the bag as on what’s inside it—we believe that the modern-day woman should be able to have access to useful things such as healthy snacks, accessories, stationery and other items that she might need on the go. We therefore provide useful tips and information on all these little treats and necessities that make up your everyday routine and the contents of your bag.”

Who is BagServant’s customer? 

Whether BagServant’s customer is in the UK, Europe, the USA or other parts of the world, if she is Confident Classique during the day, Glamourpuss in the evening, Sporty-Luxe for fitness, she will always carry the perfect bag matching her style. Classic, big or sporty, whatever our customer loves, we always value their personal choice. Every bag has its own story, just like our women, our mission being to  bring amazing things that fit every woman’s bag.

As a brand, BagServant is the handbag destination revolutionizing the handbag market. “We’re the first brand that  wholly owns the handbag market for a busy woman and other things in their bags. Our woman does not only shop for one bag. She is always on the lookout for the next “perfect lifestyle or office” bag. She likes to treat herself to matching accessories and other things to put in her bag.  She does not stop there, she likes to explore new things, looks for tips on how to achieve her goals, treats herself with little treats and wears on trend fitness clothes,” says Lenka.

Based on the premise that every woman deserves the most amazing bag, BagServant’s mission is to empower women to feel and look good every moment of their lives and live a fulfilling existence.

BagServant curates the best healthy living creations and small products on the go to fit into your bag.

BAGSERVANT is The Place To Be to Discover, Love and Shop For More Than Just Your Bag!