About Us

What is BagServant?

BagServant is a handbag fashion heaven where you can browse, discover, be inspired, be advised and shop for your perfect handbag for any occasion and at any budget.

We are the only search engine devoted to handbags with a concierge service offering you even more help to find the bag for you. Accompanied by inspirational editorial and style advice; BagServant.co.uk allows you to discover the perfect bag from a large selection of top designers, high street brands and emerging designers in a fast and simple way.

Who is BagServant for?

With a variety of handbags from established brands to new and up and coming designers, BagServant is for anyone looking for a new bag, regardless of their style, budget or age.

Who we are?

BagServant was born by combining 2 passions – technology and love for handbags.

The CEO & Co-Founder, Lenka Gourdie, is cognoscente of everything fabulous and luxurious and is respected by people who know her for keen eye for handbags, fashion and luxury products. Lenka has over 15 years experience in sales, marketing, business development and recruitment. Additionally she also has proven experience in commercialisation and new product development. Lenka worked for a fashion manufacturing house for over 2 years.

Operations (Chief Technology Officer) & Co-Founder, Allan Gourdie, is a technology savvy individual with a true passion for innovation and emerging technologies. Allan has previously led numerous global media websites to great success and is passionate about great search. Allan has over 15 years web experience working for large brands such as The Economist, Daily Mail, the Loot, the Telegraph, Which? and others. Allan has been involved in creating other start-up products and services.

Why BagServant?

Lenka has always loved fashion, her disposable income has always allowed her to spend lots of money on new clothes, shoes and handbags. However, her real passion for handbags was born when she married her husband and was bribed to take a helicopter trip on their honeymoon in Hawaii. When he asked her what he needed to get her on-board, the first thing that came to her mind was a Fendi handbag! Since then at every special occasion, she has treated herself to a new handbag.

“I treat my bags like my best friend and carefully choose them for every special occasion. At the end of the day, a woman’s status comes from handbag and shoes.”

Since then she has learnt that not every bag needs to be a well-known designer bag as there are so many bags out there, there is no need to limit yourself.

Future plans

BagServant is currently expanding its proposition and searching for investment to create a handbag online destination – All handbags in one place. Alongside established brands and existing retailers, our goal is to feature handbags from new and up and coming designers and offer a platform for new designers to shop and connect with their customers and retailers.

For investment opportunities please contact Lenka Gourdie on lenka@bagservant.com

Working With Us

We work closely with freelancers and specialised agencies. We also recruit young professionals to help us to achieve our goal. Please contact us to discuss possible opportunities.