Reiss – BagServant loves going from day to night

Reiss’s bags loved by Co-Founder, Lenka Gourdie.

The bag I love the most for this season is the Reiss East West hand held in soft grey. Perfect for the office as it is a super smart hand held bag that holds all my techy gadgets (including a 13 inch laptop), plus extra pockets for my lipstick and eye cream to keep me fresh for meetings with clients.  It reminds of me of the lovely shape of Mulberry but for a very affordable price of £285. A great bag for bags lovers with a similar taste as me, Confident Classique with a touch of a Boardroom Perfectionist.

Then in the evening, I can meet friends or colleagues after work for drinks with this gorgeous Reiss Sporty-Luxe cross over clutch with a smart clasp feature and a retro look and feel. The soft suede feel will completely transform my evening outfit. What I love the most about this bag is the clasp, come lock! A bit quirky with a complicated touch but very safe from the bag theives.

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